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Turtles on Fripp Island

If you don’t know it there are turtles on Fripp Island.  As a matter of fact, 2012 Provided another AMAZING Turtle Season on Fripp and we are not done yet! There were 37 loggerhead nests this year with a total of 3928 eggs.  To date, 2729 hatchlings have emerged and that is really fantastic news for turtles on Fripp Island.  Even better is that we still have 2 Loggerhead turtle nests left to hatch.

Turtles On Fripp Island! -

Many people have no idea how many turtles die each season.  For example, there were 110 False Crawls also called non-nesting emergences this year. These occur when a female sea turtle comes onto the beach and returns to the ocean without nesting. This may be caused for many reasons including lighting issues, disturbances from people, lack of nesting sand, and wrack or debris on the beach. We also lost one entire nest of 122 eggs this season from fox predation. The next largest reason for loss was ghost crab activity.  Those are the little crabs you see all over the beach and particularly at night.

The first nest this season was on May 6th. The first nest in the state of South Carolina was on April 30th right next door on Harbor Island. The last nest generating turtles on Fripp Island was on August 3rd. The last activity was a False Crawl on August 13th.  This is our 3rd year participating in this study in an effort to better understand turtles on Fripp Island. In cases where we have broken eggs due to ghost crab activity or other reasons that egg is then used for research instead of taking another sample.

We still have 2 nests left on the beach so please remember to keep our beaches dark for the hatchlings. Beaufort County lighting ordinances state that there shall be no visible light from the beach and dunes. Turtle season may stretch into October if we have late nesting as we did this year so if you are visiting keep that in mind. If you want to learn more about the Fripp Island turtle program you can follow along online at

Special thanks to the Fripp Island Turtle Team for all their hard work on the program and keeping turtles on Fripp Island. Everyone knows that turtling involves early mornings but not everyone knows that it is hard work.  The Fripp team is always up for the challenge and always has such an amazing group of individuals working together for our  sea friends. The team really appreciates the support of Fripp Residents, Visitors, the Fripp Island Property Owners Association, and the Fripp Island Environmental Committee in educating the public about our mission and keeping our beach clean and dark for our turtles.  We need your help keeping turtles on Fripp Island.  Working together, we are saving the planet one turtle at a time.   The FIPOA Environmental Committee & our Loggerheads turtles are grateful and thank you for everyone’s continued support in keeping Fripp Island a special place for turtles.

Turtles On Fripp Island! -


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