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Low country good times

Low country good times are available year round on Fripp Island. Most people visit Fripp Island in the summer as their main summer vacation but there is lots of fun to be had any time of year. Personally we have visited Fripp Island SC dozens of times and have been during every time of year and each time has something different to offer. We had some of our best low country good times in the fall when the weather is warm and less humid and the water is as warm as ever offering all the benefits of the island without any crowds. We’ve visited for golf outings in the fall and the Fripp-A-Looza golf tournament which has provided fantastic weather, golf, and meals and an un-crowded setting. We have taken time over the holidays and new year and while it wasn’t as warm, there was plenty to do on the beach and on the island with all the wildlife to see. If you are a fisherman low country good times are any time you are there.

One of our best low country good times memories came over the Martin Luther King weekend when it was 60 degrees and sunny and in sweatshirts at low tide the family walked for miles and pretended it was summer. We flew kites, played catch, fished, had a picnic, found crabs and sea shells, and relaxed. We had a private getaway all to ourselves and loved every minute of it. So much so that we are going back again this year. The photo is from that visit.

The South Carolina coast is a special place that fortunately not everyone has found yet. It’s well known to locals as a world class relaxation destination but is still missed by many people. Some big time fisherman charter boats out of the marina or just take the dolphin cruise to site see if the mood strikes. Golf cart rides are still our family favorite. Either way, if you go to Fripp Island South Carolina, rest assured that low country good times can be found any time of year.


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