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Carolina Beachfront Fun

Carolina beachfront fun comes in many ways. Last week a group of us had it in spades. We stayed on the ocean front/pool front area of the Ocean Point, Fripp Island South Carolina.   We were able to walk down to the beach and just soak in the warm ocean almost a half mile off shore.  When you just lay down in a foot of water feeling the cool breeze across your face with the sunshine beaming down in what seems like your own private island. At that moment it is hard to remember what had you stressed out the week before.  It was a true vacation.

Carolina Beachfront Fun

I have never looked up the word vacation but apparently it means a time of respite from something. Basically a respite from work, hassle, and headache. We had Carolina beachfront fun all week in Fripp Island.  It was truly a SC golf beach vacation rental that we will return to again and again. This was not a vacation where we needed a vacation when we returned.  It was a true rest.  Yes a respite from work giving us renewed energy.

"fripp island sandbar"

Fripp Island Sandbar

We didn’t go out, we didn’t wait in lines, we didn’t deal with crowds and we didn’t have hassles.  We had Carolina beachfront fun. Digging for sand dollars, giving starfish a helping hand from the sun, and lounging.  We had picnics on the sandbar, played ball, golf, swam, and caught rays. We even caught a crab or two.  Next time we will come equipped to catch a few dozen for dinner.

Carolina beachfront fun can mean many things but to us it definitely meant vacation. A true vacation. At the end of a long day we could walk back to our house, grab a frosty beverage and sit on the deck and watch the sun go down over the ocean. And as the dolphins swam by we dozed off to nap from a long lazy day.



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